The Story so far

A matter of identity, ‘Mistaken Identity’.

After the Elf and the Tim arrive at an Inn along the Old road, they meet a few characters at the inn along with some coach drivers awaiting to leave in the morning.

The party secures lodgings and greets the few people leaving on the coach in the morning: A lady Isolde plus her bodyguard, and a dashing Bretonnian card player. Surprisingly the Bretonnian was the more sociable of the two, while the coachmen themselves were only willing to poke fun at Tim’s attempt to woo the haughty lady Isolde.

After Tim swallows his pride, he asks who the gentleman at the bar were, who happen to be the coachmen. Them being drunk, Tim knew he could perhaps take advantage of their drunkenness via the written word and the magic of ‘contracts’.

So after gaining a free trip to the next coaching inn, the two retire. They awake in the morning to a hearty breakfast and a long wait for the coachmen to prep and start their journey. After an hour, it becomes apparent that someone is going to have to find the coachmen. It’s a fairly obvious revelation as to why they are not awake – hangovers.
Finally after some cold water splashing and loose threats the coachmen were away, but dallying at a very low speed. The adventurers took over the reigns until the coachmen are able.

Soon it begin to rain, then poor, but luckily the coach is able to mush through the muddy terrain until what looks to be a coach toppled over and a figure bent down….

The adventurers former acquaintance Rolf, is here, but he doesn’t look to be himself. Never mind his skin is now covered in warts, he also has a human hand he’s been chewing on! Rolf begins to charge at the adventures and even lunges a few times at the party until finally after a few arrows and gunshots, the Bretonnian performs a coup de grace in the groin.

Jumping off the wagon to inspect, cries are heard soon after, and the horses on the carriage bolt, snapping the reigns. Each horse go a different direction with each coachmen chasing after them.

The Elf hears some sounds off in the distance, screams perhaps, something not right about them though. He heads toward the sound and realizes that the brush is shaking, something is about to emerge!… The coachman comes through with the horse, and confirms something off in the distance.

The elf and Tim sneak into the patch of woods that is the bend the road heads around. They come to a grisly scene where a family has been prey to wretched mutant things, eating and gnawing the dead flesh. A dog like human is antagonizing the horses that survived but soon lunges for one of their throats, tearing it out and begins to feast.

The two begin to setup a firing position and wait for a time to shoot what appears to be the leader. The rain causes arrows and gunshot to stray. The creatures and the adventurers soon enter melee where they become victorious.

After cleaning their weapons they inspect this crashed area and notice one of the slain to be an almost exact look-alike of Tim. After searching him, it appears this man, named Kastor was on his way to collect an inheritance of 20,000 crowns. There is even a signed document confirming Kastor identity. Things really begin to look up beat, especially after searching the wreckage, they find a coat of maille, 20 crows and an ornate ring worth at least 20ish crowns. Fortune has smiled early indeed.

The Enemy Within

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